jeudi 28 janvier 2016

Ensure the project management of a training project

Before to start this article, some of you ask me to benefit from a mix between French and English written text. This is the first article written in English. I hope that you will enjoy it J

Like ever IT project, when you do a training project, you need to:
· Define: Frame your training need: number of users, training approach, training localizations, the business scenario…
· Measure: define the KPIs to measure the success of the training
· Analyze: Ensure the follow up of the training session
· Control: At the end of the training, all the participants should be able to use all the functionalities and create their own reports, accounts and so on…

The project manager is also in charge of following the workload (planned and burnt), the budget (travel fee of the instructors to go on each session, breakfast…), and schedule of training sessions…

In a training project, the project manager is in charge of coordinating a lot of actors (instructors to develop the training material and deliver the training session, IT to create the training environment and gain access to the tool, business people to define the business scenario, Human Resources to send the training invitations and so on) with different time constraints and different stakes. That’s why the project manager plays a key role.

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